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Adoption, Sonship, Heir

A Child of the King

I used to read of kings and queens
Who dwelt in palaces with wealth untold.
I'd dream of all the things that I could do
If I possessed such silver and gold.
I longed to be the child of a king.

I'd give to the poor and the needy
And help those who had less than me
It would give me so much pleasure
Oh, how happy I would be
If I were a child of a king.

And then one day I realized
How foolish I had been
For I have a very dear Brother
Whom I have never seen.
Who is a Child of a King.

His Father owns the universe
And all that round us lies
The cattle on a thousand hills are His
And even the stars up in the skies.
Yes, He's a Child of a King.

And if I love this Brother
And He dwells within my heart
Then I belong in His family
And we shall never part.
For I am a Child of the King.