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(When my husband was laid
off work, our church delivered an abundance of groceries.)



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A Dozen Thank Yous

One little girl wants to thank you
For making her small heart glad
With the lonely red shoes you gave her
To replace the worn out ones she had.

Two little girls riding bikes
Too young yet to go to school
But old enough to understand
The meaning of the Golden Rule.

Three fellows carrying bundles and bags
To load them into the car
Whose task was made lighter and easier
By the wonderful people you are.

Four boys trying to tell you
How very happy and proud
They are to know they belong
To such a wonderful crowd.

Five little girls munching cookies
By someone so kindly included
Assure you your gifts were all welcome
In case you felt you intruded.

Six pairs of hands worked so busily
Unpacking and putting away
All the wonderful gifts and goodies
You so lovingly sent our way.

Seven children off to school
To learn to read and spell
Have learned the value of a friend
From those of you we love so well.

Eight pairs of eyes all closed in prayer
To give thanks 'ere they lift a fork
But who is missing? Why, Paul, of course
He's already gone to work.

Nine precious children tucked in bed
Having finished their work and play
Knowing the Father watches from above
As He cared for them all day.

Ten people look to me each day
For clean clothing, comfort, and food
Nor let me grumble nor fuss, I pray
But rejoice that our Lord is so good.

God's Word has told us deeds like these
Have their reward in Heaven
But please accept a heart-felt thanks
From the Sutherland Eleven.

But wait! for there is still one more
Whose thoughts go out to you
It is Grandma who mends, and advises, and prays
And wishes to thank you, too.