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(For a young Marine and his
eagerness to help other Marines)



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A Hero's Passing By

The organist played softly
As the people tip-toed in,
To sit in solemn silence
'Til the service would begin.

The altar was banked with flowers
Most beautiful to be seen -
Surrounded the flag-draped coffin
Of a United States Marine.

The pastor spoke words of comfort
And told of hope beyond the grave;
And of the blessed assurance of re-uniting
With this young hero - courageous and brave.

The command was quietly given
And six marines marched down the aisle,
To accompany the flag-draped coffin
Of a hero on his last mile.

Through the streets of town the cars moved now
As occupants rode - grim of face
With thoughts confused and heavy hearts -
Toward a hero's final resting place.

Past children playing in the street;
A man with ladder, paint and brush;
A woman washing windows; my heart called,
"Hey, you people, what's the rush?

Stop your work! and stop that ball game!
Pause a moment; where's your pride!
Don't you know that while in battle
Another young Marine has died?"

Six Marines? No, there were seven;
For there at the graveside stood another;
And when the flag was carefully folded,
It was given to the hero's brother.

And who can know the brother's heart-ache
Mingled with a comrade's pride
As to his mother he presented
The flag for which a hero died.

He didn't hear the rifle's salute
Or taps that sounded and echoed once more
Or did he? Oh, yes, I am sure
He watched with the angels on Heaven's shore.

And when the battle here is ended
And Heaven's gates swing open wide,
It may be a young Marine hero
Who ushers you inside.