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Mother's Day

A Mother's Fame

Thank you, daughter, for that tribute
And for your faith and trust in me
God help me now to shape your life
For the mother you too someday shall be.

I think at sometime in our life
We all have thoughts, or hopes, or plans
Of doing something really great
Of winning fame and pleasing man;
But there's a nobler task by far
Surpassing any other.
How I rejoice that I've been chosen
To be a Christian mother!

Sometimes our job seems endless
Our children just don't seem to care
How many hours each day we toil
With little for ourselves to spare;
Then, I think of my own dear mother
Who sacrificed so much for me
And I thank God for all those years
Spent lovingly, unselfishly.

No, I'll never make the history books
Or hang in the Hall of Fame
But, if when I'm gone, you remember me
And care to give me a name
Just say I held an honored place
As high as any other
For I've been chosen of the Lord
To be a praying Christian mother!


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