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(A former pastor's wife)


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There's a special group of Mothers who deserve a special day
And little do we realize the important roles they play;
Always the charming hostess neat and tidy as a pin,
Entertaining all the folks her husband invites to come in.

He doesn't punch a time-clock or have regular hours each day
And when he finally does get home, a phone call can take him away
His dinner is delayed again but the children must be fed
And so she cheerfully carries on and tucks them into bed.

On Sunday morning he says to her, "My dear, I must be gone,
You get the children ready and I'll see you later on",
And having placed the children in the classes where they go
She hurries on to take her place for she's a teacher, too, you know.

She knows her children are observed by friend and foe the same
In church, at home, and on the street -- the very way she calls their name
She must be sure to discipline, 'cause folks expect her to
And yet she must not lose patience; my goodness, that would never do.

She is many things to many people through each busy week
Folks turn to her with many problems and often her counsel seek
And she must listen patiently as they grumble and complain
And never once reveal the thought that sometimes she, too, feels the strain.

When the preacher's elated, she's the first his joys to share
And when he's a little doubtful, she's the first to know and care
Yes, she is a special person -- let me say it once again
That sound you heard in the background was the preacher saying, "Amen!"