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Dad, Brad and Chad

There once was a little blonde lad
Whose name, I am told, was Chad
And Chad was the only lad
Who belonged to his Mother and Dad.

Then one day little Chad's Dad
Said "Chad, you've a brother, my lad
Now you are our big boy, Chad
And Baby Brother's name is Brad.

Now this kind of puzzled Chad
And for a moment made him sad.
"Cause, I wanted a sister", said Chad
Not a brother whose name is Brad.

The Mother came home with Brad
And Dad and Chad were glad
And Mother and Dad were proud of their lads
Their little blonde Chad and their baby Brad.

Then things settled down - or almost had
'Cause Chad was a little jealous of Brad
And sometimes he'd wish to Mom and Dad
That he was the only lad they had.

In the daytime Mom would say to Chad
"Please be quiet or you'll wake Brad"
And at night while rocking baby Brad
She'd say "Please be quiet or you'll wake Chad or Dad."

And Dad says to Mother, "Aren't you glad
We have two such wonderful lads."
"Oh, yes", said Mother, "most of the time I'm glad
But sometimes I think I'll go quietly mad."