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Do You Really Want Revival?

If we really want revival, friends
Then we must do our part
And we must turn the searchlight
First of all on our own hearts.
We must ask ourselves these questions
And seek answers as we pray,
Am I a faithful witness, Lord,
To those who see me every day?

Do we really want revival?
What price are we willing to pay?
How great is the burden we carry
For souls lost in sin this day?
Do we want revival bad enough
To be wakened in our sleep?
Would we rise from our bed to fall on our knees
To pray, to plead and to weep?

Do we really want revival?
How much do we really care?
How many souls are bound for Hell
For lack of consistent prayer?
Who even now may be searching
For an answer to their need
And a friend who cares enough to kneel
And for these precious souls to plead.

Do we want revival in our church?
Do we really care if souls go to Hell?
Do we really want to hear God's Word
And be used of Him as well?
Then we must join ourselves as one
So dedicated we must be
That boldly we may dare to ask,
"Lord, what would'st Thou ask of me?"