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Everything is Just Enough

I love to read your precious Word
And bow to You in humble prayer,
Does this not make me worthy, Lord
Your promises in full to share?
But ere the question left my heart
I knew what His reply would be,
"It's not enough, O child of mine,
You must give all to follow me.

I'm raising up my family, Lord,
I'm teaching them to read and pray,
I cook and clean and iron and sew
And care for all their needs each day.
Are these things not important, Lord,
Sometimes a Mother's job is rough,
And then I heard Him sweetly say,
"I'm sorry, child, it's not enough."

I'm working for the pastor, Lord,
Not much — but what he asks me to,
If I can help in some small way
To ease his task, Lord, won't that do?"
"Your pastor puts in many hours
For you and others in his care,
It is your job to lend a hand
And help his heavy load to share.

Then back I went to Him once more
I knew I'd found His will at last,
Lord, tell me now my life is full
I'm teacher of the Ladies' class.
His voice was tender as He spoke
His words I soon shall not forget,
He told me of His matchless love
And what it cost to pay my debt.

I saw Him there upon the cross
I saw His life's blood ebb away
I heard Him say, "You see, my child,
I gave my life, my all that day.
The sacrifice I gave for you
Demanded all I had to give,
And now your all is just enough
If a successful Christian life you'll live."

How many years I fought His will
I tried so many ways to please,
And then at last the answer came
And with it such a sweet release.
The joy that floods my soul today
Is almost more than I can bear,
King Jesus made my heart a throne
He reigns and rules my life from there.