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We recommend you also read
A Mother's Fame, which is the
response to this poem from the daughter.



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Famous Mothers

Abraham Lincoln's said to have stated
At one time or another
That all he was or hoped to be
He owed to his "angel mother".

Little Moses had a mother
Who was very clever and wise
She hid him in a little boat
And gave Pharoah's daughter a real surprise.

We're all familiar with the paintings
Hanging in galleries here and there
Of Mr. Whistler's dear old Mother
Sitting in her rocking chair.

Even Jesus had a mother
Who guided Him thru tender years
And when they nailed Him to the cross
It must have caused her grief and tears.

Now I know another mother
Who'll not go down in history
But is more important than ALL the rest
'Cause SHE belongs to ME!