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Garden of Love

The Master Gardener looked down one day
From His throne up in Heaven above
And He witnessed the joining of two tender hearts
As they vowed their eternal love.

"I'll give them a garden of roses", said He
"To lovingly care for and tend
Ten roses in all I'll give to them
But one bud at a time I'll send."

Down through the years the rosebuds came
To fill the garden of love
And the Master Gardener looked down and smiled
From His throne up in Heaven above.

So patiently they labored then
From early morn 'til late at night
To make sure that each little bud
Would prove a blessing in God's sight.

Sunshine and rain, laughter and pain
Times of plenty and hard times too
They nurtured and trained the roses
And marveled at how well they grew.

Now one by one they've left the garden
Each to start one of his own
And the Master Gardener still looks down
And smiles from His Heavenly throne.

"Well done, my faithful gardeners
You have labored long and well,
The results of your labors
Only time and eternity will tell."