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(Written for a neighbor lady who
had recently lost her husband.)


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Hand in Hand

You never see a rainbow without a drop of rain,
Even the raindrops dance with glee when the sun comes out again;
You cannot share the beauty of a cloudless, sun-filled day,
Until you've passed through storms that turned the skies to gray.

You never stand against the sky and view the peaceful valley below
Unless you've climbed the mountain's side with measured step - and slow;
You cannot know the joy of giving until you have gone without,
Or have a real assurance if you've never been in doubt.

You cannot taste the water 'til your throat's been parched and dry,
You've never grieved a loved one 'til you've had to say good-bye;
You cannot have Salvation unless first you know you're lost,
And your pardoned soul rejoices when you know how much it cost.

And this is how He teaches us each step along the way,
Through yesterday's trials and burdens comes the courage for today;
And if there were not heart-aches that we couldn't understand,
There'd be no need for Him to walk beside us hand in hand.

But, oh, the joy in knowing as we live from day to day
The Saviour walks beside us and we can hear Him gently say,
"I'll never let you suffer as I did - all alone
I shed my blood and gave my life for your sins to atone;
And as you face life's problems that you cannot understand
You know that I'll be with you -- We'll be walking hand in hand."