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(Holding on to God's Hand)



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He Leadeth Me

I wandered to the park one day and found a quiet spot
That I might somehow find the peace my soul now sought.
I'd tried to live a Christian Life but found it all in vain
Each time I tried I'd slip and fall and then I'd try again.

My thoughts were interrupted as I heard a skipping sound
And looked to see a little girl go tumbling to the ground.
Strong arms reached down and lifted her to a bench not far from me
A handkerchief in tender hands repaired a stone-bruised knee.

Then, soothingly, he spoke to her and wiped the tears away
And my soul was stirred within me as I heard him gently say,
"I warned you that the path was rough and you must careful be
And never try to run ahead or pull away from me.

If you are going to walk with me you must do as I say
Now, let's go on, my little girl, and I will lead the way."
A little smile across the tear-stained face now spread
And as she slipped down from the bench, I think she said,

"You should have been holding me and then I couldn't fall
'Cause I am just a little girl and you are strong and tall."
And as his big hand covered hers and they went on their way
I knew that I had learned a lesson in the park that day.

I'd never placed my hand in God's and trusted Him to lead
I hadn't asked Him to control my every thought and deed.
But as that Daddy led his child through the park that day
I placed my hand in the Saviour's, and He's leading me today.