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His Name is Jesus

She could have called Him Joseph
That was her husband's name
He could have been named for a relative
Or for someone with fortune or fame.

They could have called Him David
Who a vicious giant slew
They could have named Him Samuel
Who sought God's will to do.

He might have been named for Solomon
Who was wiser than other men
His name could have been Daniel
Protected by God in the lions' den

There were many great men before Him
Whose name He could proudly have worn
But it had already been settled in Heaven
Long before He was born.

For when the angel spoke to Joseph
And told of the blessed birth
That a Saviour was coming from Heaven
To bring peace and good tidings to earth.

He also told that the little Babe
Who could turn men from sin and shame
Would be the only begotten Son of God
And JESUS would be His Name!