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(A little bit of satire. The things you should do and the things you should not do.)


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How to Stop a Revival

There are many ways that you can help to stop a revival in your town
You don't need an education and you need not be well known.
You may work very hard at it and be really "on the ball"
Or sit back very quietly and just do nothing at all.

You may help by staying home; this keeps the attendance down
And discourages the evangelist who's come to revive your town.
Or you may help by coming out and occupying space
So you can say, "I told you so" when the revival falls on its face.

You may help by calling folks to chat an hour or two
And never think to ask your friend to come to church with you.
Or, better yet, you may discuss the gossip you have heard
And hope that she'll ignore your plea to not "repeat a word."

Decide to do your house-cleaning or throw a party for your friends
Or, better yet, just go away until the revival ends.
If you must attend the meetings, refrain from saying "Amen";
This only encourages the evangelist and gets him going again.

Don't be concerned about the folks you know are going to Hell;
They may never know Christ died for them if you don't tell.
And if you don't invite them out and pray that they will come --
You'll be sure to stop the revival and the evangelist will go home.