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It Isn't Enough Just to Be There

He was just a little lad, I know
With dirty hands and tousled hair
You held your song book far too high
And didn't even try to share.
I saw the look of wonder on his face
As your rich baritone filled the air
I also saw the wistful look
That said, "I'd like so much to sing
If you would only share your book."

It was warm in the church that night
And the baby she held was fretful
You promised you'd help with the babe if she came
Then, how could you be so forgetful?
So, as you sat there and quietly fanned
And prayed that the preacher was paving the way
For those who were lost to be saved that day
I watched the young mother get up from her seat
And as she walked out I heard her say,
"Perhaps we'll try it some other day."

He staggered in with bloodshot eyes
He looked so haggard and worn
He smelled of tobacco and liquor, I know
His clothes were all wrinkled and torn.
He muttered to you what a failure he'd been
And wished that he'd never been born.
He noted the look that crossed your face
As you shuddered and moved away
And I knew right then you had lost a chance
To witness for Jesus that day.

A little old woman from down the street
Slipped into a seat near the rear
She'd been so proud of her famous son
He was all that she needed down here.
But a plane crash had taken her son away
And left her alone and suddenly old
So she thought she'd seek comfort in going to church
The folks there were kind she'd been told
But you turned a deaf ear as she sobbed all alone
And she thought your church distant and cold.

It isn't enough just to be in church
Although I am glad you are there
And though you may join in the singing
And bow your head during prayer
And even agree with the pastor
That for eternity we must prepare
Somebody near you may long for a word
Or a hand-clasp that says you care
Some soul may be won to the Master
Because you cared he was there.

I've also attended your services
And my heart was often glad
But I've been there too when your thoughtlessness
Has made me very sad.
I'm happy for you, my Christian friend
That you have chosen the narrow way
But please, I beg you, don't turn aside
From those you can help this day
The weak, the helpless, the weary,
The drunkard, the sorrowing, too
Look all around you and tell them for me
"He died on the cross for you, too."