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(Taken from a sermon
by a former pastor)


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Memories of Black Creek

"Now, honey, I saw those boys again
Playing out here in the back yard today.
You know how I've warned them many times
To go back in the field to play."
"Yes, dear, I know", my wife patiently answered
Though I thought I detected a grin;
"I was sure you were watching them from your office door
And would come out to talk to them."

"What more can I say that I've already said?
They certainly understand
And once that window is broken
OUR son will get punished as planned."
"Yes, dear, I know", came the same patient voice
With the same little trace of a grin,
"But perhaps if they heard it from actual experience
It would have more of an impression on them."

Now I knew what she meant
And I felt she was right
So the boys and I
Got together that night.
I took them back to my childhood
In a little old town called Black Creek
And I told them about the bay window
Us guys had been warned not to break.

And I told them all about my Dad
And how his very word was law
And when we broke those laws we knew
There was reason to be afraid of Pa.
Then one day it happened,
I'll never know how;
I saw that ball comin'
And I jumped for it but - POW!

There was a crash and a scream
And my mother was there
All us guys could do
Was just stand there and stare.
For across the field came the biggest man
I think we have ever seen
If a hole in the ground had opened up
I would gladly have fallen in.

Well the closer he came the bigger he looked
And the smaller we felt
With the wave of one hand he dismissed the boys
And began to unbuckle his belt
I moved a few steps closer to Ma
But she never moved an inch
Though I knew that with each crack of the belt
I could feel my dear mother flinch.

"Well, fellas", I said to my son and his pals
"There was more to it than you've already heard
We picked up the glass from each corner of the room
And for a new one my brothers and I shared a third.
So now, you guys, you've heard what can happen
And I really don't know what else to say
But if that window gets broken at the side of the house
I know some young boys who are going to pay."

I got up from the step and walked into the house
And met my dear wife who'd been standing close by;
With a pat on my shoulder she tenderly said,
"Well, at least no one can say you didn't really try."
"But, honey", she added, "you must also remember
That boys will be boys and can't resist a dare
So if by pure chance that window gets broken
Please remember Black Creek and the happy times there."