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(The author's own feeling
about her life.)


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Mirror of My Heart

I looked into my mirror tonight
And deep within it there
I saw the face of the Saviour
And I couldn't help but stare.

I saw the anguish in His eyes
And I couldn't understand
What brought such sorrow to His face
As He stretched out His nail-pierced hand.

I listened then as He spoke to me
His voice was tender but sad
"Oh, where, dear child, did you hide them
The talents that once you had.

I gave you a class of little tots
To lovingly care for and teach
Their hearts were so young and tender
They would have been easy to reach.

And when you were tired of them you said,
You'd have to take a rest
You promised you'd use your talent
But you failed to stand the test.

I gave you a voice to sing in the choir
So faithful were you to attend
And many a heart was lifted
As your voice with the others did blend.

And when you were tired of the choir you said
You just couldn't sit up there
You promised you'd use your talent
But you just left an empty chair.

I gave you a smile to show the world
And a tender heart filled with love
You witnessed so freely to all whom you'd meet
And told of your Saviour's love.

And when you were tired of this talent you said
That men's hearts were just too dead
You promised you'd be a winner of souls
But became grumbling and bitter instead.

And I saw His stricken face
And heard the words He spoke to me
My heart was filled with shame and grief
That my life could so empty be.

Then, as I watched His image there
My eyes beheld a rough old tree
I saw the crown of thorns He wore
As He hung on that cross for me.

So many things He'd promise me
Salvation -- a Home up above
Eternal life with Him some day
All paid for with His love.

But what if He should get weary
Of the foolishness and delay
And decide that we're not worth the price
That it cost to buy us that day?

And as His image faded away
I begged Him not to depart
I couldn't let my feeble excuses
just crowd Him out of my heart.

I fell on my knees and I cried to Him there
To give me another start
That my life might reflect the Christ of the cross
In the mirror of some other heart.