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My House - His Home

The Saviour came to my house one day and asked if He could come in
I didn't know that He meant to stay and wanted to dwell therein
He walked into my living room and began to look around
And suddenly I was filled with shame at some of the things he found
Questionable books and magazines were lying here and there
Undesirable pictures on the walls caused Him to shake His head and stare.
"Oh, Lord, I never realized how offensive things can be
What can I replace them with to make this a better place for You and me?"
"My child, I'll replace them with a picture of Me to dwell upon
But you must get rid of the worldly things. You'll not miss them when they're gone."
From there we moved to another room across the hall
The dining room -- and I could tell He wasn't pleased at all
The garbage I was feeding on to nourish heart and soul
Was slowly tearing down my spirit and taking an awful toll.
And then I heard Him speak again and I knew what He said was true
"My child, you can't go on this way. This diet is destroying you
You cannot thrive on self and greed, fleshly lust and foolish pride
For how the world will judge must come from what's inside
So feed instead on spiritual things -- on Bible reading -- time in prayer
On praise, serving and helping others to see in you My loving care."
By this time I was quite confused and wondered why I'd let Him in
He was turning my life upside-down -- revealing my life of sin
Then I remembered the drawing room where sometimes I went in utter despair
I ran upstairs to close the door but He was already there
We looked around together at the quiet comfort of the place
And I saw a smile of approval slowly spread across His face
"My child", he said, "Here is a room where we can meet each day
To spend some quiet moments to fellowship, to meditate and pray."
So eagerly I promised Him that each morning could start the day
By coming there to meet with Him before other things got in the way
What sweet communion we had there this world can never know
Oh, how could I then forget some days to this room go.
Now there was another room in my house that I'd hoped He wouldn't find
The rumpus room where I went sometimes away from the daily grind
I tried to slip away one night hoping He wouldn't notice I had gone
He wanted to go but I said, "No thanks, I'll see you later on."
He looked sad as I left Him behind. I noticed the look in His eyes
And the worldly pleasures I sought for were not there as in days gone by
In misery I went back home and found Him where I knew He'd be
We met once in the drawing room where He quietly comforted me
"I can no longer be happy without You," I cried, "You said we'd meet here every day."
"I've been here just as I promised," He said, "It was you who wandered astray."
This house of mine has a workshop where I still go now and then
So many things I've started here and hoped to return again
But other things got in the way -- things that seemed to be a "must"
And the things I'd mean to finish just lay there gathering dust.
I knew He wouldn't like the mess and clutter of this room
I had no way to shut Him out, I'd given Him access to my home
I cringed at the look of disapproval on His face
As He witnessed all my good intentions scattered around the place
"What if I had left undone, child, what I began to do for you?
It wasn't easy but I finished what I started and so must you."
Once again I bowed my head and gave myself anew
And vowed to this special Guest that I would also carry through.
Now all the rooms were open to this very special Guest
I'd made Him feel most welcome and given Him my very best
Then why was He standing there in the hall with His hand on my closet door?
That was private, locked and restricted not to open now or forever more
He said to me, "I cannot abide in this house with that awful stench
Until you're ready to get rid of what's there I'll just sit outside on the bench."
I too smelled the odor of dead things within and grudgingly gave Him the key
"If you're going to clean out that closet, Lord, you'll do it without me."
I haven't the strength nor the courage to face what's hidden inside
It's what's left of my old ways and habits -- my secret passions and pride.
He cleaned and He scoured and carried away all the filth in the closet that day
He cleansed and He purified without and within
He washed my whole house and freed it from sin
And when it was finished, how it sparkled and shone
He became King of my life; my heart is His throne.
I then walked to my safe and opening it wide
Turned over those things I'd kept safely inside
I made Him the keeper of all I possessed
He's now Lord of my life and I am His servant most humbly blessed.