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(My mother questioned why
she was left here
to suffer with arthritis)


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My Mother's Prayer

One by one they're going Home
My friends and loved ones dear
I cannot help but question, Lord,
Why am I left here?

Husband, mother, father, son
I've laid them all away
Brothers, cousins, friends and neighbors
Dear God, why must I say?

My heart has ached so many times
For those whose grief I tried to share
Now I am weak and weary, Lord
Why can't I be with you up there?

You say they're not all gone yet?
That there are those who need me yet?
That I have loved ones round me here
Whose needs I dare not forget?

But I'm so tired from suffering, Lord
I feel I'm just a burden here
What can I do when I'm so sad
To fill others' hearts with cheer?

Oh, yes, dear Lord, I do know how
To call on you in prayer
To beseech you to bring my loved ones out
Of the valley of sin and despair.

Yes, I can smile in spite of the pain
And extend a comforting hand
And I can cheer their saddened hearts
By saying, "I understand".

I'll live my life each passing day
As Thou would'st have me to
If You'll just dwell within me, Lord
That the Light may come shining through.

I'll live on Your precious promise, Lord
That when I've finished here
I'll join my friends and loved ones There
To wait for those who are still here.