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(Our son, Paul David, went to be
with the Lord, due to cancer)


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My Son, My Son

He was born into a Christian home
His parents truly loved the Lord
They talked with him and prayed with him
And read to him God's precious Word.

When he was just a little boy
He accepted Jesus into his heart.
He knew the Lord was there to stay
And never from him would depart.

He never was much of a leader
But found it easy to follow instead
Whether his companions were right or wrong
He went where their footsteps led.

He had such a desire to live for the Lord
To work for Him with all his might
Then restlessly he'd turn to worldly things
And forsake, once again, what he knew was right.

The Lord in His compassion and mercy
Knew the battle raging in the young man's life
Determined to keep him faithful and true
And end his struggle with sin and strife.

In a bed of illness He laid him down
And took away his desire to roam
Then when his life was fully yielded
God gently reached down and took him Home.

He'll never wander back to this earth
Contented and happy is he
Some day his loved ones will go to him
For all time in Eternity.

(Additional Note....
This poem was entered in the National Library of Poetry
and won "Honorable Mention". Mrs. Sutherland
received a nicely engraved wall plaque for her efforts.
Her poem is in the Library of Congress)