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Ode to a Snowflake

Innocent little snowflake
Drifting slowly down
How could you become a menace
Or a hazard to our town?

But ere the little snowflake
Had disappeared from view
One more followed then another
Faster now and larger, too.

Whirling, swirling, thru the sky now
Tumbling gaily all around
Fairly bouncing as they pile up
On the ground.

Snow bespeckled lawns and driveways
Streets and sidewalks turning white
Little faces pressed to windows
Exclamations of delight.

Spinning wheels and grinding motors
Windshield wipers struggling now
Buses halted, people stranded
Cinder crews out, then the snow plow.

Slower now the snow is falling
'Til the last flake flutters down
Lonely little snowflake
Crippling our town.