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(This is about our
son, Paul, died of cancer)


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Our Sailor Boy

"I'd like to talk to you, Mom and Dad
Come into my room with me
You told me I could make the choice
To be what I want to be.

I made that choice, today, folks
I know what I want to be
I've enlisted in the Navy
Now please don't be angry with me."

He stood so very straight and tall
As he looked us in the eye
And waited quietly, patiently,
For one of us to reply.

We told him that it was hard for us
To know just what to say
But if this was his decision
We wouldn't stand in his way

He passed all the tests they gave him
And Dad and I helped him pack
Then the morning came for his leaving
Oh, how we longed to call him back.

Our days are filled with longing
For the lad who brought us so much joy
Each night we kneel and whisper,
"Dear God, take care of our sailor boy.

We cannot travel where he goes
But we're so grateful that You can
So please watch over our sailor boy
Who's suddenly become a man."

Now may he know how proud we are
And how our hearts are filled with joy
To be the honored Mom and Dad
Of such a precious sailor boy.