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(About a little boy I baby-sat)


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Our Wordless Guest

He just moved in without a word,
I hardly know just how or when;
I only know we'll dread the day
When he moves out again.

We knew he didn't come to stay;
We couldn't claim him for our own;
We said we'd not get too attached,
But our love for him each day has grown.

He's not a member of our family
Yet he rules it night and day;
His slightest wish is our command
Although he still has nothing to say.

His presence is quite evident
By his belongings scattered 'round;
And proof of the fact he lives here
In every room is found.

Although he cannot talk to us
He's captured each and every heart;
And we keep trying to forget
That all too soon he will depart.

How can he hold us in his power
When he hasn't a word to say?
Could it be 'cause he's only four months old
And smiles and coos in the sweetest way?