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(This was written when our
son, Paul, died of cancer)


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Praise the Lord

When your world goes topsy-turvy
And your skies are turned to gray
And you feel just like the Lord's forsaken you
Just remember that He promised
He'd go with you all the way
Praise the Lord, and He'll reveal Himself to you.

When you've given your all to Jesus
And your pathway still seems rough
While other folks go singing on their way
Just remember we're His children
And His best He gives to us.
Praise the Lord, and you will have a brighter day.

If you praise Him for the blessings
Praise Him for the heartaches too
He'll not let you suffer more than you can bear
And when other folks around you
Hear you sing and praise the Lord
They will want His special promises to share.

Praise the Lord when you are happy
Praise the Lord when you are blue
Praise the Lord and you'll be singing
'Cause you just can't praise the Lord and grumble too.