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(From our brief stint
in the Amway business)


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Smell and Sell

I bought my man some after-shave
A quite expensive spicy one
And before he'd used it twice
He sold it to our son.

The boy said, "Hands off, Dad, it's mine"
And so I got him still another
He kept this for two whole days
Then sold it to someone's brother.

The third one he would surely keep
For its fragrance he'd begun to crave
But, alas, he lost it to the grocer
Who just had to have that after-shave!

Thinking I was getting angry
He guessed he'd try to make amends
He bought me a luscious spray cologne
But that's not where the story ends.

He promised me most faithfully
My new cologne he wouldn't sell
But he changed the school kids game
From "Show and Tell" to "See and Smell".

He carries it around with him
And sprays a little now and then
And you know who comes a-running? -
A few ladies - but mostly men.

Should I sit down and weep because
Each day my bottle's getting drier?
How can I when I know each week
Our bank account is going higher!

The moral of the story is --
You guys who say you just can't sell
Try wearing it or spraying it
These products were both made to SMELL!