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(For a young couple that
went to the mission field)


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Missionary, Christian Service, Encouragement, Faithfulness


So Send I You

With mixed emotions on this night
We've come to wish you well
And though it leaves two empty seats
Our hearts with pride and joy do swell.

So faithfully you've joined us here
And of your time so freely given
That though you leave two empty seats
We know you're obeying our Father in Heaven.

Wherever you journey to labor
In the fields that with harvest are white
Be sure that we'll do our best to fill
The two seats you leave empty tonight.

If our hearts are a little heavy
And a tear or two slips away
Please know we rejoice in the empty seats
And couldn't ask you to stay.

Our thoughts go with you all the way
We know you're in the Savior's hands
And through it all you seek His will
And carry on as He commands.

So every time we come to church
And see your empty chairs
Our hearts will swell with pride and love
And we include you in our prayers.