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(About an evangelist
- too busy seeking fame -
neglected his family and friends.)


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Success Can Be Lonely

I stood alone on a mountain top
With darkness all around
My heart longed for the sights of old
Or even one familiar sound.

Then, as a scroll, across the sky
My life passed in review
In quest for fame and fortune
I'd passed by friends and family too.

I bowed my head in deep despair
"Oh, God", I cried, "Are You for real?"
And from across the chasm came
"Come unto me, I love you still."

With arms outstretched I saw Him there
Upon another mountain top
Oh, how I longed to go to Him
But between us was that chasm's drop.

And then a bridge began to form
From one peak to the other
A voice beside me sweetly spoke,
"I'll take you across, dear brother.

For, you see, this bridge is really the cross
On which I paid for your life one day
And if you'll put your trust in me
I'll lead you safely all the way.

Then, on the other mountain peak
I saw my children, wife, and friends
"But we started out together", I cried,
"And who's to say where the journey ends?"

"Remember the sign posts along the way?"
He lovingly reminded me now
"You chose the one marked 'Do it Yourself'
And said you'd win by the sweat of your brow."

"Please take me to them now", I begged
"I've gained my heights in wealth and fame
But I'm so lonely I could die
Please save me now, in Jesus' Name."

No, it isn't a true experience
It isn't even a dream.
It's a message that touched my heart
Derived from a pastor's theme.

But, friend, we all have mountains to climb
And the difference in the end
Depends on whether or not you start
With Jesus Christ as your Friend.