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Sum Good Add-Vice

I never liked Arithmetic
It always made me mad
Until one night I got
A lesson from my dad.

This is what he said to me
And I believe it's true
That is why I'm going to try
To pass it on to you.

One and one makes two
A father and a mother
You and two are three
And number four is brother.

Now I had promised all my love
To mother, don't you see?
Then, how could I divide it
To include my growing family?

The answer is quite simple
In our garden there it lies
The more you give and share
The more it multiplies.

I learned about division, too
When we'd sit down to eat
I do a little Arithmetic
Dividing up the meat.

Subtraction? Where does that come in?
You haven't stumped me yet
Subtract the trials from the blessings
You'll be surprised the sum you get.