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(A school trip to the
Animal Farm with
one of our daughters.)


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The Animal Farm

Today I went to the animal farm
On a great big yellow bus
You would have liked the bouncy ride
If you had been along with us.

There were so many animals
We hardly knew just where to start
And when the bus came back for us
We hated to depart.

Kitty cats and puppy dogs
And cuddly bunnies too
Some guinea hens and big white ducks
I'll try to name them all for you.

I saw a big old wooly sheep
I'm sure it was no ram
'Cause cuddled close beside it
Was a wobbly baby lamb.

Two little pigs, two noisy geese,
A pony with a sleepy look
'Twas much more fun to see them there
Than looking at them in a book.

I tried to get a little chick
To take a little swim
I guess he thought the water
Was just too cold for him.

I saw a big old brown-eyed cow
And with her was a calf
They both looked so inquisitive
I couldn't help but laugh.

So many sights I saw today
I know I shall not soon forget
The interesting things we saw
And all the animal friends we met.