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(This poem was for
one of our daughters
who wanted to read it in school)


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The Assassination of JFK

I was too little to remember
That fateful day in late November
But history records the event
An assassin's bullet; a slain president.

Things looked so good in Dallas that day
The sun shone bright in the usual way
The motorcade moved at a leisurely pace
A confident smile on the President's face.

Then a shot rang out and the President slumped
The governor turned around and jumped,
As another bullet struck him down
And the S.S. Agents jumped to the ground.

In the hospital doctors worked desperately away
While the world waited and folks tried to pray
Then at 1:33 a press agent said,
"The President of the United States is dead!"

In a way I wish i could remember
That awful day in late November
And yet I think I'm kind of glad
'Cause I know that it was very sad.