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The Evangelist's Wife

For weeks we'd planned and prayed,
and talked about revival
Then came the long-awaited day --
the evangelist's arrival.
Confident, well-groomed, and smiling
he greeted us each day.
We little thought about the one
who helped him stay that way.

In simple dress and quiet grace
she slipped each night into a pew
She welcomed those who sought her out
to speak a word or two.
Attentively she listened, though
the sermons were not new
For she knew it was a blessing just
to be here in the pew.

She came into the room one night
while we were having prayer
And when she prayed, a quiet stillness
seemed to fill the air.
She didn't know our loved ones,
but burdens she did share
It truly was a great blessing
just to have her join us there.

Before the message was finished
and the invitation given
She would humbly bow her head
and beseech the Father in Heaven
To take the words of the messenger and,
like arrows, shoot them out
To pierce the very hearts and souls
of those who were in doubt.

A man of great conviction
and a mighty force is he
Dynamic in his preaching
about Hell and Eternity
One of the greatest assets
in the successful evangelist's life
Is this gracious little lady --
the evangelist's own dear wife.