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(When my mother moved
from Pennsylvania to Ohio
to be with us)


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The Great Roll Call

For many years the Norton name
Was called at each annual meeting
And so proudly I would answer
Through the years so quickly fleeting.
Now I'm asking for my letter
To present to the church out here
And I will surely miss you folks
Whom I have held so very dear.

I felt that I was just a burden
And even prayed that I might go
To be with my blessed Saviour
In Heaven, but He answered, "No.
I'll give you strength to see you through
Then you must get active in the church
And urge your loved ones to go with you."

So I'll remember you in prayer
And trust you'll do the same for me
And though we never meet again
This side of Eternity
I know when this life's over
And we're gathered over there
You'll hear my name and I will answer
At that meeting in the Air.