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The Shepherd's Love

The shepherd carefully chooses the path
And the sheep follow closely behind
But once in a while there's one little lamb
That just doesn't want to mind

Now the shepherd knows the dangers
That befalls the lamb that goes astray
So to keep him safe he must break one leg
To keep the lamb from wandering away.

The shepherd tenderly lifts the lamb
And on his shoulder carries him there
The lamb understands the shepherd's love
He's content to remain in the shepherd's care.

The broken bone will heal and grow
And the lamb will be able to walk once more
But the lesson he learned from the shepherd
Will be one he will not ignore.

That little lamb will now follow
Close by the loving shepherd's side
For he's learned to love the shepherd so
And wants ever with him to abide.

There's a message here for God's children
Whose hearts have grown distant and cold
Who failed to seek God's will for them
And wandered away from the fold.

The Shepherd must break the stubborn will
Then tenderly woo and win them anew
'Til they're ready to follow His guiding Hand
And once more promise His will to do.