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(I had made this afghan
for a pastor and his wife
for their faithfulness to us
following the death of our son.)


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The Warmth of an Afghan

Dear Pastor Ross and Mrs. Ross
And Tim and Debbie too -
This afghan comes with warmth and love
From us to each of you.

A thank-you is a simple thing
You say it once and then it's gone
But a token of appreciation
Says it once and then lives on.

And as I worked from day to day
And knit each color row by row
So many thoughts went through my mind
I thought perhaps you'd like to know.

The black, of course, reminds me
Of our hearts so full of sin
Until we realize our plight
And ask the Saviour to come in.

The color red, all woven through
The blood that flowed at Calvary
That cleansed our hearts and changed our lives
That fit for Heaven we might be.

Jesus said He'd build us mansions
One for me and one for you
And I know they're ready now
'Way up there beyond the blue.

No one on earth can ever know
The pain and anguish that we knew
But you were always near to comfort
And teach us how to trust anew.

And even yet sometimes the stormclouds
Hang so low; we feel so blue
But just your smile - your words of comfort
And the sun comes smiling through.

So thank you for your words of wisdom
For your patience and your trust
Each day we praise and thank the Lord
For what you mean to each of us.