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To a Deaf Friend

What is it like in your silent world?
I sometimes wish I knew
You miss so many wonderful sounds
But you miss the unpleasant ones, too.

You see a child smile sweetly
But you cannot hear him cry
You watch a plane glide silently
As a graceful bird in the sky.

You miss the ticking of a clock
The sound of music in the air
But in your silent world you're not distracted
As you lift your voice in prayer.

You can watch the rain drops falling
See them on your window pane
But your sleep is not disrupted
By thunder, sleet and driving rain.

You don't hear the ambulance
As it goes screaming through the town
Or the wailing of a firetruck
That says someone's house is burning down.

You're no doubt a better listener
Than those of us who hear
And carelessly half listen
To sounds we should count dear.

You see on people's faces
Expressions that we fail to see
And don't our faces really tell
What kind of folks inside are we?

The sweetest sound in all the world
Doesn't reach us through our ears
For Jesus speaks right to our hearts
Allaying all our doubts and fears.

Then, listen with your heart, my friend
And trust Him with your all
He'll fill your days and nights with peace
And answer when on Him you call.