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(Written for one of our deacons
who, for some reason,
quit coming to church.)


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Faithfulness, Encouragement


What Troubles You?

How many times along your way
The things we do, the words we say
Have helped a friend along the way
And made his day a brighter day.

How many times along the way
A careless deed, some word we say
Has hurt a friend along the way
And made his day a sadder day.

But, oh, the times along the way
We just don't take the time to say
"I missed not seeing you today
I think of you each time I pray."

Forgive us, friend, we ask today
For just not taking time to say
We miss you when we meet to pray
And at each service on the Lord's day.

What troubles you along the way
Enough to make you stay away?
We cannot know nor would not say
We'll just hold on to God and pray.