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(This poem was written as
a memorial to three young men
who were killed in a train wreck.
The railroad crossing was very
dangerous, because it was thought
that the installation of signal lights
at a railroad crossing was 'too expensive')


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What's a Boy Worth?

We send our boys to Viet Nam
To protect us over here
That our children might grow up in peace
And not have to live in fear.

Millions of dollars are spent on war,
Shots to the moon, and trips into space
Yet we quibble over a safety device
To prevent the tragedy that just took place.

"What's a boy worth?" asks the grief-stricken Dad
Of a boy whose life has been snatched away
Can you count the cost by the lives that are lost?
If so, how many more will have to pay?

So put up the flashers as a Memorial
For all to see who pass that way
Would the cost of flashers have been too much
If YOUR name were KELLY, VANCE, or MACLAY?