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Who Cares?

When your world is topsy-turvy
And you feel all lost inside
When the cares of life are pressing
'Til you want to run and hide
Does anybody really care?

When you've struggled with the paycheck
Stretched it far as you are able
When the family needs so many things
And there's little for the table
Does anybody really care?

When you feel you've been mistreated
And your folks have judged you wrong
When there's a lump inside your throat
Where there ought to be a song
Does anybody really care?

When you've set your heart on something special
Just to have it snatched away
And it makes your heart so heavy
When it should feel light and gay
Does anybody really care?

When the children you have cherished
Have grown up and said good-bye
And you know each time they leave you
A small part of you will die
Does anybody really care?

Yes, there's One who watches o'er us
Knows each heartache, sees each tear
Longs to comfort, bless and guide us
Takes away all doubt and fear
His name is Jesus and He cares.