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(The eternal tragedy of
ALMOST becoming a Christian
and failing)


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Almost Persuaded, Invitation, Response


An ounce can never be a pound
A single brick is not a wall;
One tree does not a forest make
Though it may stand both wide and tall.

The Israelites were journeying
To reach the promised land
But those who fell short of the mark
Were stopped by God's own chastening Hand.

The rich young ruler sought the Lord
An upright man was he, we're told
One thing he lacked, the Bible says
He could not enter the city of Gold.

"Almost thou persuadest me
To be a Christian, Brother Paul"
But King Agrippa's life was lost
'Cause almost is just not all.

How many souls are doomed to Hell
Who heard the Holy Spirit's voice
And under deep conviction
Almost made the right choice.

And we as Christians must hang our heads
And remember the time that we
Could have won one to the Master
If we had served more faithfully.

So while an inch is not a yard
And earth and sky are far apart
How high is up? How far is near?
When almost winning someone's heart!