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God's Rainbow

In Sunday School I heard the story
Of the rainbow in the sky;
And I thought that I could find it
Just by looking way up high.

So shading my eyes from the sunlight
I'd search the heavens again and again;
'Til one day Daddy gently told me,
"There's no rainbow without rain."

Then one morning I awakened
To the patter of the rain
And with face pressed to the window
I began to search again.

Looking past the falling raindrops
I searched the dark clouds one by one,
'Til I heard Mother kindly whisper,
"There's no rainbow without the sun."

Weeks later while lying in the grass
Watching sunlit clouds float by,
I was lazily enjoying the summer day
When a drop of water hit my eye.

Big rain drops now came splashing down
As questioningly I scanned the air;
And, lo, in all its radiant beauty
I saw God's rainbow there.

As I gazed in pure amazement
At this glorious array,
The rain drops stopped — the sun shone bright
And I watched the rainbow fade away.

Now I think I have it figured
At least it makes good sense to me
The rain drops are the tears He sheds
In tender love for you and me.

The sun He placed there in the sky
To light our lives throughout the years
And the glory of the rainbow
Is just God smiling through the tears.