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(This was regarding my
mother's Home-going)


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Grief, Grieving, Comfort, Salvation, Eternal Life




She didn't need a suitcase
Or a toothbrush or a comb
Nor money for a ticket
To see her safely home.

She didn't mind that it was time to go
No tear drops dimmed her eyes
She just kinda slipped away
There were no sad good-byes.

I'll not say that I won't miss her
That sometimes my heart won't ache
But I'll never wish that she had stayed
Just for my own selfish sake.

I know how long she waited
For the day that she could go
All her life she'd planned the trip
To me it wasn't such a blow.

I know she's not really sleeping
And she certainly isn't dead
We've been building this Home in Heaven
And she just went on ahead.

She's busy up there getting ready
For the day I shall slip away
What a joyous, glad reunion
And her words, "You're home to stay".