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(The importance of Tithing -
Returning to God one tenth
of what He gives you.)


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My Tithe

I consider myself a Christian
And I seek to do His will
But my family's needs are many
I have obligations to fulfill.

Must I neglect these obligations?
Make my family go without?
Give a tenth of all my earnings?
Lord, please help me! I'm in doubt.

Unto you the Word is given
Read it, friend, and heed it, too
My life, my blood, my Home I've given
Just ten percent I ask of you.

Give to me as I have given --
Freely, gladly, faithfully.
Not that man might praise your giving.
But to My Name the glory be.

Be systematic in your giving
Abounding in your grace and love.
Honestly given; honestly used,
The sincerity of your love to prove.

Ten percent is all He's asking
In exchange for all He's done.
When I've given ten percent
I feel that I have just begun.