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(Taken from Luke 2:1-20
and Matthew 2:9-11)


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On That Same Night

Caesar Augustus sent out a decree
That taxes were due everywhere
So Joseph returned to Judea
Because his home was there.

With him was Mary, his espoused wife
Being great with Child was she
And time to be delivered of the Babe
Who, our Saviour and King would be.

In swaddling clothes she wrapped the Child
Then laid Him in a manger bed
"There's no room for you tonight
In the inn," the keeper had said.

Now in this country, far away
Shepherds watched their flocks by night
An angel of the Lord came upon them
And filled their hearts with fright.

"Fear not", the angel said to them
"I bring you tidings of great joy,
Unto you is born a Saviour
Our King has come as a baby boy."

Suddenly there was with the angel
A heavenly multitude saying to them,
"Glory to God in the highest, and on earth,
Peace and good will toward men."

And it came to pass when the angels had gone
The shepherds agreed they must go
To find the Child who was born a King
And prove to themselves it was so.

And when they had seen Him and worshipped there
They went away to tell the others the story
And Mary smiled sweetly, and quietly said,
"To God be all of the glory."

Lo! a Star appeared in the eastern sky
Shining down on the lowly manger bed
The wise men saw it and with great joy
They followed where it led.

In the stable they found Mary, the mother
With the Christ-child asleep close by her.
Falling down at His feet they worshipped
And left gifts; fankincence, gold and myrrh.

They, too, went away to tell others
Of the Christ-child's lowly birth
And we must continue to carry the news
Throughout this sin-cursed earth.