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(This was when I was
taking a correspondence
course in writing)


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Where's the Lesson?

I know my lesson's long past due
And that is why I'm writing you.
I'm just as eager as before
To "dig" the books and learn some more.

My sailor boy came home one day
And had a very short time to stay.
I washed and ironed from morn 'til night
To keep his uniforms sparkling white.

Holiday time was close at hand
With presents to buy and wrap and
The house to clean, cookies to bake
And the schools closed, for goodness sake.

Then for ten nights in a row
We rushed through supper and prepared to go
to Church. Revival meetings we had there
The crowds and sweet fellowship was rare.

Last week a flu bug hit this crew
And what a time! I'm tellin' you.
Then add one busted water pipe
Makes me tired to see it in type.

Now we have a little girl
With big blue eyes and soft blond curls
Whom we took to the hospital this afternoon
Who'll undergo surgery very soon.

So give me another week or two
And I'll be sending a lesson to you
I thank you for your patience then
Until you hear from me again.