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There's a little corner of Heaven
That glows with a special light
As angels whisper a lullaby
To dear little Steven tonight.

There's a mother whose heart is breaking
And whose arms feel so empty tonight
Who is straining her ears for a baby's cry
Though she knows he has taken flight.

There's a father who sits in silent grief
And thinks of the plans he had
Of all the things they were going to do
The little boy and his dad.

There are friends and relations and loved ones
Who stand silently by tonight
Who know no words to utter
To make the sad hearts light.

Oh Lord, we cannot understand;
We dare not even try
But when we see You face to face,
Then - may we ask You, "Why?"

Then, as we face these darkened hours
May we take comfort in this -
Our baby dwells with the angels tonight
In a world of heavenly bliss.

May each of us be drawn closer
To the precious Savior above;
May Heaven be sweeter and dearer
For having shared this baby's love.