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(For a little neighbor
who was dying.)


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Gratitude, Thankfulness, Comfort, Peace, Death, Funeral

A Cloudless Day

I asked my Lord for a beautiful day
A kind of Indian summer day
It came with sunny skies of blue
And then He sent a cloud my way.

I thanked Him for the sunny day
The sunny, warm October day
Then, questioned Him and wondered why
He sent a cloud across the sky.

We planned to spend this lovely day
In a careless, fun-filled, happy way
Then the heart-ache of a friend
Cast its shadow across our way.

Then once again I asked Him why
This cloud of sorrow should darken OUR day
"To teach you compassion", He answered me
"And concern for friends along the way."

May I never pray for a perfect day
To thoughtlessly spend in a selfish way
If I can lend a helping hand
Or comfort my neighbor as I pray.