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Oh, what suffering! Oh, what torment!
Poor Joseph must have been nearly wild
The girl whom he had planned to marry
Was very soon to bear a Child.

How did Joseph get the message?
Was his Mary the first to tell?
Was it whispered in vicious gossip?
Or did someone cruelly wish him well?

How he must have questioned God
How could such a shocking thing be?
To the lovely girl he'd chosen
For her innocence and purity?

I'm sure he must have agonized
With conflicting thoughts of what to do
Should he hide her away from ridicule
Or marry and protect all the way through.

'Twas then an angel appeared to Joseph
As he lay on his bed in troubled sleep
"Dear Joseph, there's no need to fret
You've no reason to worry or weep.

The Child was conceived of the Holy Ghost
Mary was chosen for her worth
So marry her and take her home
Protect her as she prepares to give birth.

Her Son shall be called Jesus
He'll save all mankind from their sin."
Then Joseph did as he was bid
And was filled with peace within.