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Let's Get Acquainted

Did you ever go away from church
Feelin' kinda sad
'Cause folks didn't seem as friendly
As you'd wished they had?
Well, we're sure glad that you came back
And we can rightly say
You smile at us and we'll smile back
'Cause this is GET ACQUAINTED DAY.

Pastor Lincoln's always glad to shake your hand
And hear you say,
"The folks are all so friendly here
I'm glad I came today."
That's Paul Frederick leadin' the singin'
There's Deacon Newton over there
And Superintendent Anderson is
Around somewhere.

Ivy Dobney's in the nursery
Sister Gertie's back there too
The boys and girls in Junior Church
Are taught by Brother Lou.
Mary Luman has the little tots
Behind the desk is Mrs. Grills
Mr. Gardner counts the money
And pays the bills.

That bright and shining countenance
Is Dillinger or W.J.
Or Sutherland, Frederick or Roberts -
Our deacons all smile that way.
And if the pastor suddenly grins
You'll know without even thinkin'
The attractive lady coming in
Is Mrs. Lincoln.

The organist is Rosie Roup
The pianist's Mrs. Ryan
So many more we just can't name 'em
So we'll quit tryin'
That's why we gave you all a badge
So turn to anyone and say,
"I think this is a great idea
I'm glad it's GET ACQUAINTED DAY."