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Made to be Broken

Every year about this time my mother says to me
"Well, Bill, the Christmas season's past;
We've just thrown out the tree.
And now it's time to look ahead and start a brand new year.

So sit right down there at your desk
With pencil and with pad
And write your New Year's Resolutions
It is sure to please your Dad."

I started with a promise to read my Bible every day
To pray for friends and neighbors and God's help along the way.
I vowed that I would pick up toys and hang my coat and hat
That I would put away my books and all the stuff like that.

Well, mom came in while I was thinking
Of something else to say;
She said, "Pick up your toys, Bill, Hang up your clothes
And put your books away."

Now I ask you what's the sense
of going to all that fuss?
It would only make our moms all mad
If they couldn't yell at us.