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Mama's Comin'

When Mama'd go on shopping trips
And leave us kids at home
She'd also leave a list of things
That needed to be done.
We'd watch her as she went away
To catch the street car into town
Then we'd all get very busy
To see how fast we could get done.
Because we knew when she returned
She'd bring with her a special treat
And we'd line up with expectation
Knowing it was something good to eat.
But sometimes we would get to playing
And forget the list of tasks
Until someone'd suddenly remember
That Mama'd soon be coming back.
Then we'd begin to scurry 'round
To do the chores assigned to us
Because we knew when Mama came
There would be an awful fuss.
Someone would look down the street
And suddenly begin to shout,
"Hey, you guys, Mama's comin'
Now she's going to find us out."
I think Mama always knew
As she returned at end of day
Whether we'd been faithful stewards
Or wasted time in idle play.
I'm sure it must have grieved her, too
That we'd been careless of our time
And instead of the treat she'd brought
There'd be punishment to suit the crime.
My friend, the Saviour's coming back
Just as sure as Mama came
Will He find you true and faithful
Or will you hang your head in shame?